We offer Cooking Classes for as little as one person, to get individual attention, or multiple people, to have a fun get together and dinner afterward of everything that you have cooked.

Our classes can be focused on themes, such as knife skills, cooking, or they can be just a big party. It’s totally up to you.


Knife Skills
Hands-on training on basic cuts, slicing, dicing, etc. Learn to dice an onion quickly, peel fruit the professional way, and we can add in deboning chickens, or filleting fish. Also everything you cut will be included in cooking a dish. Every class ends up with dinner, that you or your party creates.
Sample dishes
Seared Chicken with Balsamic Orange Glaze
Orange Red Snapper Ceviche with Hearts of Palm

Cooking Classes
Hands on cooking classes on the basic techniques of cooking, searing, roasting, etc. This class is good if you want to learn to cook, without all the prep work. We’ll do that for you.
Sample dishes
Seared Scallops on Roasted Beets
Wine Can Whole Roasted Chicken with Herbs and a simple Sauce

All of our classes can be discussed and geared towards what you want. Menu items can be discussed as well.


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